Monday, January 30, 2012

Happiness of today and the past days.

So here is something interesting to talk about. Being Happy.
In my opinion Every single person should find one thing a day to be happy about. And it should be called the happiness of the day. And no matter what happens that day you should hold on to that happiness. If you get the wrong coffee at the shop. Its OK cause you still have your happiness of the day. If you Happiness is your coffee come up with a different happiness of the day. You can use coffee later in the week. :)

So here we go.
My pet rats. Today after my mom woke me up I slide out of my bed and every single of my girls ran and climbed the front of the cage to say hello to me. :)

Question of the day: Whats your happiness of the day?

The past Days

So I have not been updating cause i have been busy.
School started.
I did hurt my thumb and wrist in color guard forcing me to quit.
I helped a family friend with a natural pageant for her five year old daughter.
I learned to do a cartwheel.
I fought with a friend.
I cleaned my room, then destroyed it. :)
I hung out with my best friend.
Went to a movie theater for the first time since my best friend died.
I started meditating and sometimes yoga.
I stopped drinking milk.
For a couple months i was a vegetarian.
I learned to make soaps and lotions from scratch.
I played in the snow.
I got so sick i felt like i was dieing.
I took care of my hurt rattie Tolly.
I went to homecoming.
I talked on the phone.
I talked on skype.
I started a journal.
I stopped writing in my journal.
I ate fudge.

And why am i telling you all of this?
Because even though in the last couple months i have stressed out, gotten hurt and cried. I don't remember every detail, and time goes on. So find what is worth holding on and drop everything else. Because life goes on. Usually something is cliche because its true. Life goes on.

Challenge of the day: Can you name ten things you did in the last five months?