Thursday, August 11, 2011

The things that make you shutter

So i was going to post this the other day but got kinda busy.

So the other day i was going through some old jewelry boxes in my closet and i found one with a Ziploc bag full of my baby teeth. I started freaking out because all I knew was that they were teeth. I asked my mom about them...she told me that when i was a kid when i lost my teeth i would hide them and write a note to the tooth fairy saying i lost it because the thought of her making them into jewelry to wear freaked me out. So i found about seven or eight of them in the bag and i want nothing more than to get rid of them but i don't think my mom will let me. So it is still very true that i have an irrational fear...not of teeth because i have no problem with them but with the thought of teeth being jewelry. It honestly freaks me out. And I know that it is not just a fear of my teeth. Because I like shark teeth. But can not wear shark teeth necklaces. My friend Aaron has this really cool tiger tooth that he chose to be made into a necklace. He put it on me one time when i was sleeping on the bus for color guard. when i found it around my neck i freaked out and almost started crying. I do not know why it freaks me out so much. 

But i just thought you guys may enjoy that. I hope my awkward fear made someone smile today. You should leave a comment sharing a irrational fear you had as a kid or something that freaks you out now. Of just something you find gross or weird. :) I hope everyone is doing well :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Just some art.

Alrighty well I do not really have anything super great but here are some of my A.P Studio Art work.

Alright so this is a picture of my sister on a black spray painted canvas done in soft pastels in free hand and broken jewelry for the crown. The words on the back are in french talking about a queen who ran the earth. I did this because i love my sister but she act like a spoiled princess sometimes. :) So she inspired this. This was done about a year ago but still one of my favorites.

So these two were part of a concentration idea and I was getting over my best friends death and a lot of people who i thought were my friends told me  I should get over myself and  stop being such a wuss. So i painted a sad face first cause that is all i felt at the moment then I drew a happy face when karma came to the rescue. :)  and sorry all of these pictures were taken with my cell phone so they don't show nearly all of the detailed shading and words.

Alright if you notice these two pics are the same subject. My art teacher gave us less than an hour in class to do three paintings and i thought the assignment was dumb so i did two the top is watercolor and me trying to get all of the details in pen and ink got half way done and a person who I do not like in my class "accidently" "spilt" water color on it making me have to fix it with more water color. Then the second i just grabbed a huge paint brush and started smearing paint cause i didnt want to do the project and now its one of my favorites. :)
So that is all for right now but more later.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Da Rulze

As my first post on my new blog, I'd like to share some of my favorite rules with you. I'll probably add more later.
Rule#1: You're not allowed to talk about da rulze.
Rule #2: There is one word that you can add to the end of every sentence and have it make sense. It is bitch. Examples?? To cheer up a friend: "The grass is green, bitch". To your boyfriend: "Go make me a sandwich, bitch". To tell someone off: "I'm not your bitch, bitch".
Rule #3: No matter how horrible something you say is, if you add "lol" to the end it's alright. Examples?? "I hate you, lol". Or "I'm not your bitch, bitch, lol". Or even "I hope the zombies attack you and then you rot in a corner while you think about your life, lol". If these statements are typed or written out, that one may require an all caps LOL. Or my favorite, a ROTFLMAO, or otherwise known as a rofl-copter.
Rule #4: I'll always come up with new rules on the spot to save my ass,