Thursday, August 11, 2011

The things that make you shutter

So i was going to post this the other day but got kinda busy.

So the other day i was going through some old jewelry boxes in my closet and i found one with a Ziploc bag full of my baby teeth. I started freaking out because all I knew was that they were teeth. I asked my mom about them...she told me that when i was a kid when i lost my teeth i would hide them and write a note to the tooth fairy saying i lost it because the thought of her making them into jewelry to wear freaked me out. So i found about seven or eight of them in the bag and i want nothing more than to get rid of them but i don't think my mom will let me. So it is still very true that i have an irrational fear...not of teeth because i have no problem with them but with the thought of teeth being jewelry. It honestly freaks me out. And I know that it is not just a fear of my teeth. Because I like shark teeth. But can not wear shark teeth necklaces. My friend Aaron has this really cool tiger tooth that he chose to be made into a necklace. He put it on me one time when i was sleeping on the bus for color guard. when i found it around my neck i freaked out and almost started crying. I do not know why it freaks me out so much. 

But i just thought you guys may enjoy that. I hope my awkward fear made someone smile today. You should leave a comment sharing a irrational fear you had as a kid or something that freaks you out now. Of just something you find gross or weird. :) I hope everyone is doing well :)


  1. Can I have them? I would like to make some earrings.

  2. Oh WoW, that is seriously wierd isn't it ?!! I wonder where on earth that very strange fear comes from !? Never heard of this one. Hope they don't play that one on you ever again - that's wicked. :-(
    Ike xxxx